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Fragmenta entomologica (FE) was founded in 1950 by the lepidopterist Federico Hartig (1900-1980), at that time responsible of the Italian National Institute of Entomology. FE is now property of the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy (Department of Biology and Biotechnologies “C. Darwin”), and represents the scientific journal of the Zoological Museum, Sapienza University Museum Centre.
Fragmenta entomologica is devoted to publishing high-quality papers dealing with Arthropod biodiversity. It publishes research articles, short scientific notes, reviews articles, comments and editorials. The core scope of the journal includes Taxonomy, Systematics, Molecular phylogeny, Morphology, Paleontology, Biodiversity, Biogeography, Evolutionary biology, Conservation biology, Ecology, Ethology, and Applied Entomology, and embraces all terrestrial, freshwater, and brackish water Arthropods.

A Red List of Italian Saproxylic Beetles: taxonomic overview, ecological... Philorhizus occitanus sp. n. from the South-Western Alps (Piedmont, Italy)... The cave crickets of the genus Dolichopoda from Evvia and Skyros... Updated distribution of Osmoderma eremita in Abruzzo (Italy) and... First record of Dinoderus (Dinoderastes) japonicus in Italy (Coleoptera...

Vol 47, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents

Review Articles
Giuseppe Maria Carpaneto, Cosimo Baviera, Alessandro Bruno Biscaccianti, Pietro Brandmayr, Antonio Mazzei, Franco Mason, Alessia Battistoni, Corrado Teofili, Carlo Rondinini, Simone Fattorini, Paolo Audisio
| DOI: 10.4081/fe.2015.138 | Abstract views: 343
Research Articles
Gianni Allegro, Pier Mauro Giachino, Luigi Bisio, Piero Giuntelli
| DOI: 10.4081/fe.2015.140 | Abstract views: 131
Sotiris Alexiou, Claudio Di Russo, Mauro Rampini
| DOI: 10.4081/fe.2015.141 | Abstract views: 161
Patrizia Giangregorio, Paolo Audisio, Giuseppe Maria Carpaneto, Giuseppe Marcantonio, Emanuela Maurizi, Fabio Mosconi, Alessandro Campanaro
| DOI: 10.4081/fe.2015.142 | Abstract views: 277
Short Scientific Notes
Gianluca Nardi, Davide Badano, Bruno De Cinti
| DOI: 10.4081/fe.2015.143 | Abstract views: 136
Book Reviews

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