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Stefano Zoia *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Stefano Zoia | stefano.zoia@unimi.it


A revision of the genus Pachnephorus Chevrolat, 1837 from the Afrotropical Region is given and a key to the species is provided. Types of all the previously known taxa have been studied and redescribed; 40 new taxa are described and illustrated: P. achardi n. sp. (Mali), P. aequatorianus n. sp. (Rep. Pop. Congo), P. aethiopicus n. sp. (Etiopia), P. baehri n. sp. (Namibia), P. balyi n. sp. (Angola), P. beharui n. sp. (Etiopia), P. bertiae n. sp. (Madagascar), P. bezdeki n. sp. (Rep. Pop. Congo), P. bracarumvestitus n. sp. (Rep. Pop. Congo), P. bryanti n. sp. (Mali), P. burgeoni n. sp. (Natal), P. camerun­ensis n. sp. (Camerun), P. cristiani n. sp. (Namibia), P. crocodilinus n. sp. (Zambia), P. daccordii n. sp. (Yemen), P. danielssoni n. sp. (Sierra Leone), P. danielssoni congoanus n. ssp. (Rep. Pop. Congo), P. demeyeri n. sp. (Rep. Pop. Congo), P. episternalis n. sp. (Madagascar), P. fabianae n. sp. (Congo), P. fasciatus occidentalis n. ssp. (Nigeria), P. gardinii n. sp. (Etiopia), P. gerstaeckeri n. sp. (Namibia), P. grobbelaarae n. sp. (South Africa), P. hajeki n. sp. (Madagascar), P. lopatini n. sp. (Senegal), P. malicus n. sp. (Mali), P. maroantsetranus n. sp. (Madagascar), P. medvedevi n. sp. (Zambia), P. mo­seykoi n. sp. (Chad), P. pacificus n. sp. (Central Afr. Rep.), P. parentorum n. sp. (Ghana), P. poggii n. sp. (Somalia), P. regalini n. sp. (Zambia), P. rigatoi n. sp. (Kenya), P. sas­sii n. sp. (Guinea Bissau), P. shuteae n. sp. (Rep. South Africa), P. sprecherae n. sp. (Madagascar), P. uhligi n. sp. (Namibia), P. willersi n. sp. (Namibia). The lectoypes of P. conspersus Gerstaecker, 1871, P. senegalensis Achard, 1914, P. latior Pic, 1921 and P. testaceipes Fairmaire, 1880 are designated. A new synonymy (P. costatus Achard, 1914 n. syn. of P. torridus Baly, 1878) and a nomenclatural change (Mecistes lineatus (Pic, 1921) n. comb. for Pachnephorus lineatus Pic, 1921) are proposed; the Lectotypes of M. lineatus and of M. flavipes (Gerstaecker, 1855) are designated.

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