A relict population of Cymbalophora rivularis on the Pollino Massif, southern Italy (Lepidoptera: Erebidae)

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Silvia Greco *
Francesco Luigi Leonetti
Stefano Scalercio
(*) Corresponding Author:
Silvia Greco | silvia.greco@crea.gov.it


The first record for South Italy of Cymbalophora rivularis (Ménétriès, 1832) is reported, until now recorded in Italy only for Central Apennine. Three specimens were collected during August-September 2017, in an Acer spp. forest located on Monte Sparviere, a Site of Community Importance within the Pollino National Park. Furthermore, this species was successfully barcoded for the first time. This finding reinforces the biogeographic importance of Pollino Massif as refuge area for relict populations of several animal and plant species.

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