First records of acclimatized populations of Buprestis dalmatina in Italy (Coleoptera: Buprestidae)

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Donato Lorubio *
Giuseppe Cancelliere
Francesco Izzillo
(*) Corresponding Author:
Donato Lorubio |


Buprestis (Ancylocheira) dalmatina Mannerheim, 1837, an E-Mediterranean Buprestid species, is here recorded for the first time from southern Italy (forest areas of Matera province, Basilicata Region). The here reported records of B. dalmatina are based on material collected on Pinus halepensis Mill. in re-forested coastal areas; the species is therefore supposed to have been very likely introduced. Some aspects of the ecological relationships of Buprestis dalmatina with the closely related and syntopic Pinus borers B. humeralis, B. novemmaculata and B. haemorrhoidalis haemorrhoidalis in Southern Italy are also briefly discussed.

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