5 Creatures That Live in Brackish Waters

5 Creatures That Live in Brackish Waters

Brackish water is neither saline water nor freshwater – it is something in between the two. It occurs where oceans meet outwardly flowing freshwater rivers or streams. Examples of brackish water are estuaries, mangrove swamps, and salt marshes. Brackish water has a diverse group of species that inhabit them, which have adapted to this kind of environment. Below listed are some of the most common species that live in brackish waters.



Mudskipper is one of the special creatures that can only be found in brackish waters. They are amphibious creatures, enabling them to live comfortably in both water and land. These unusual creatures spend more time on land than on water and can breathe with the help of gills, skin, and the linings of the mouth and throat. They have specially adapted to enable them to travel on the land using their pectoral fins to move forward using a series of skips or jumps.

Archer Fish:

Archer Fish is most commonly found in brackish waters around mangroves. These carnivorous fish have a unique method of catching prey. Archerfish prefer to prey on land insects, and they capture them by shooting a powerful jet of water from their mouths to knock their targets into the water. They are also characterized by an excellent binocular vision that enables them to aim better. Archerfish seem to have adapted well, which enables them to live in both oceans and streams.

Bumblebee Goby:

As the name indicates, Bumblebee Goby looks just like bumblebees with its distinctive yellow and black stripes. Some other variations of this species also exhibit black and white stripes. Due to their pleasing appearance, these brackish species are kept in aquariums as pets. Taking care of a Bumblebee Goby in an aquarium is no easy task, as the species is naturally found in brackish waters. If kept in aquariums, they can be together with other brackish water fish species such as Mudskippers, Scats, Giant Sailfin mollies, Siamese Tigerfish, etc.

Orange Chromide

Orange Chromide:

Orange Chromides in their natural habitats have a subdued coloring but those kept in a fish tank exhibit the popular bright orange color. Although orange chromides are naturally found in brackish waters, they are also adapted to live in freshwater. Orange Chromides generally feed on zooplankton, algae, eggs, and larvae of the green chromides.

Cat Fish:

These unique-looking fishes are popular for their barbels which resemble a cat’s whiskers. These brackish water creatures feed on aquatic insects, larvae, small fishes, and algae. When they hunt, they use their whisker-like barbels to detect food. When they have detected food, the mouth and throat of the catfish expand outward and form suction that is necessary to catch the prey.


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