What is Biodiversity? Why is it Important?

What is Biodiversity? Why is it Important?

The term biodiversity refers to all kinds of life that you will find on the face of the earth. This includes algae, microorganisms, plants, animals, and all other forms of life that are part of the natural world. All these forms of life together form an ecosystem and maintain the ecological balance.

But due to various human activities like overconsumption of resources and the production of non-renewable wastes, we are on the verge of losing biodiversity and disrupting the balance of the ecosystem. Based on the reports WWF’s 20202 reports. Compared to the 1970s, the population of many mammals and many other creatures has been reduced by 68 percent. Various other reports state that more than one million animal and plant species are on the verge of extinction.


If you are wondering why biodiversity is important, you may read this guide and understand its importance in the survival of mankind and the stability of the planet.

Ecological importance

Biodiversity is important for the stability of ecology. For instance, the organisms that are present in the soil improve the storage of water and prevent soil erosion. Healthy biodiversity will improve the quality of the soil. Only good soil will provide scope for good agriculture.

Healthy biodiversity will provide a good ecosystem that supplies clean oxygen, provide clean water, and air, enable the pollination of plants, treat wastewater, and provide numerous other services.

Biodiversity also plays a major role in managing pollution. For instance, the trees and vegetation will absorb nitrogen oxide, ozone, and other harmful gases and improve air quality.

Biodiversity is crucial for the recycling of nutrients. For instance, plants absorb nutrients from the soil, which is the foundation for nutrients in the food chain. They also reduce the risks of natural disasters.

Economic importance

Biodiversity is very important for the stability of the economy. They are the main source of food for all organisms. They provide fossil fuels, petrol, and natural gases. Many of the medicines that we consume are made of plants and other organisms that are found in the ecosystem.

Biodiversity boost tourism. As we know, places that are rich in wildlife and plants are good for trekking and attract a lot of tourists, thus providing more wealth to the economy.

Social importance

Biodiversity has many social benefits. Along with improving employment opportunities, biodiversity also helps in the development of many rural people.

Ethical importance

Healthy biodiversity has an ethical role. It protects all forms of life and teaches us that all living being has the right to survive on earth.

Thus, healthy biodiversity is crucial for the stability of the ecosystem and all form of living organisms on the face of the planet. So, do not overlook their importance and understand that all form of life has the right to live on this planet.


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